There are several methods of operation within the personnel service industry. At one end of the scale there is the personnel agency which charges a fee to candidates and seeks to place them in a position. At the other end of the scale, is the retainer-paid search firm which receives a fee from a client company to research, identify and recruit candidates to fill specific needs within the client’s organization.

Seitchik Corwin and Seitchik works at the upper end of this scale in the retainer-paid search area. Our experience demonstrates the viability of this approach and the need for this type of management tool for retailers as well as for these within the apparel, footwear, textile, accessories and home fashion industries.

Our service consists of working with client companies to evaluate functional, technical and behavioral standards for management positions. We have developed a sophisticated methodology and techniques for position and interview analysis that are effective for relatively small business or large corporations.

In the search process, we identify competitive organizations and within them, the personnel who have the functional and technical characteristics our clients are seeking. We have a comprehensive database of potential candidates, but we also identify qualified people who are not necessarily job-seekers. We recruit these people to ascertain their interest in a new position and then conduct an in-depth telephone interview. Next, a face-to-face interview is conducted to ascertain the behavioral match with the client company to see if the “chemistry” is right. We also check candidates’ references thoroughly. We will work with our clients to structure their interviews with the candidates and we will make sure both parties obtain the information they need to make the best decision. Finally, we will work with the client and with the selected candidate to negotiate compensation.

Since the apparel, footwear, textile, accessories and home fashion industries are extremely fast paced, the ability to understand the problems involved and to identify available people, rapidly gives us a strong competitive advantage. The strength of our approach is that it assures a high-quality presentation and reduces the probability of a candidate’s failure to perform after selection. We unconditionally guarantee our placements over a period of time that allows clients to be absolutely sure they have the right person for the job.